Who we are and why we exist

Eighth Day Group Limited

In September 2018 brothers Peter and Justin Mihaere and their families established a holding company called Eighth Day Group Limited. Its primary purpose is to create and support environments where everyone involved is able to thrive in every dimension of their lives.

It does this through strategic business ventures (acquisitions, start-ups, & joint ventures) and supporting worthy causes it believes will make material and significant difference to marginalised and oppressed individuals, families and communities both here in New Zealand and around the World.

Eighth Day’s first business venture was the management buy out of Morgan Pools Limited in November 2018.

Morgan Pools has traditionally supported the Auckland City Mission in a small way each year, and wants to continue to contribute in a meaningful way into the future.

Freeset is an Indian based company that Peter Mihaere has been involved in since 2004, having been the Managing Director of its holding company, and a Company Director of Freeset International Limited until 2018. It is a for-profit business employing women who were offered freedom after being trapped in the notorious sex trade in Kolkata and Murshidabad.

Business Ventures

Business Ventures

Business Ventures